Stephen (interrobangings) wrote,


So, guys. I've been dicking around on zingled chat (it's sort of like omegle) and I've been RPing Hearts Boxcars.

And I guess if people want to look at the logs to see if I'm any good, that'd be nice.

Everything is in chronological order unless otherwise specified.

with Feferi

with John

with Dave

with Rose

with John again 

with some jackass

with some other jackass pretending to be a black bodybuilder

with a trollologist

with Terezi

with someone wanting to cyber

with crazy!Gamzee

with Tavros

with Eridan 

with some dude he convinced to kiss his girlfirned

with some other dude

with a different Terezi

with a different Dave

with Karkat

with Kanaya

with Feferi again

with Feferi again again

with Tavros (I think it's a different one)

with John from earlier

with Serenity (Blinky)

with John

with John again

with Jade

with Dave

with Sollux

with Eridan

with a different Karkat

with John

with Nepeta which is the best thing ever

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